Buy sculpey clay molds. How to make clay beads for jewelry making tips and photos.

Animal Molds. Item pictured with the mold is representative only and is not shipped, only the mold to make the item is shipped. Sculpey clay pushmolds

Animal molds

For Makeing Clay beads

Bear 2.99
Pewter style molds are 40x48 mm

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For 4-8 molds shipping is $3.99
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Wolf 2.99

Here is some short directions for making and useing sculpey clay molds.

The first thing to do with your new mold is to make a key. A key is one perfect, or usable impression that you save to make another mold in the event that you break the original. Clay will stick to clay. So start off by brushing baby powder, you can use corn starch, but I like the baby powder. I dump a little right into the mold. Brush it around the entire mold, dump out the xcess and brush the lose powder out. Your clay should not stick that much, it might, but shouldn't. To make a flat back: Once the glop of clay is inserted into your mold and pushed flat... I like to put some powder on the table. Powder the back of the clay and gently pull the mold and clay until it is flat. "MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A KEY MADE" as the mold sometimes break using this method. If it has stuck a little, you should have a slight lip of clay around the the impression, gently use this to pull your impression out. Use this lip of clay to push the peice flatter... The heat will soften and often finish flattening your item.

Eagle 2.99

Horse head 2.99

Sea Horse 2.99

A Great way to get this look is to use a light wood stain, or if you've oil coloring (dye) for candles, a light coat just before bakeing easilly imparts that carved bone look... Once hardened, and while still warm add a light coat of finish.

Mother And colt 40x30 mm $1.99

Dolphin cameo 30x40 mm 1.99

Horse head cameo 30x40 mm 1.99

Little bone style lizard 2.19

little round cat

Bone style laying cat 2.19

Little bigger round cat 2.29

shitsu Dog 1.99

Eagle 2.39

Horse Head 2.39

Pair of Horse Heads 3.99

More Animal Molds

Makeing Face cabs Intro.

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